Our Solutions

Drive growth and create better travel experiences

Intelligent interlining and revenue generation solutions for airlines and airports 

Our configurable and scalable solutions eliminate manual processes and give airlines and airports smarter, faster and more efficient ways to quickly offer new travel products that continuously adapt to their changing business, revenue, and customer needs.  

expand reach

Intelligent interlining helps grow route networks

boost revenue

Shared inventory facilitates ancillary cross-selling

better travel experiences

Meet the needs of self-connecting travellers

air connection platform

A connection platform for a changing aviation landscape

The Air Connection Platform gives airlines a comprehensive interlining solution that works across digital channels and systems and manages all transactions from search to booking to final funds settlement. Our NDC-compatible platform enables your airline to easily sell other airlines’ inventory regardless of their type or passenger service system. 

  • More revenue opportunities
  • Increased passenger volumes
  • Improved customer service

reduce distribution costs

By interfacing directly with your PSS, the Air Connection Platform helps your airline avoid high GDS fees 

improved traveller experience

Integrated PNRs give you better visibility and control over your customer’s travel journey, even during irregular operations 

flexible integration

Choose the level of implementation, integration and customisation your airline needs with API, SDK and web services options 

Discover which cutting-edge technology solutions are best for your airline or airport.